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Commission & Broker Management
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FOR RESELLERS - Commission & Broker Management
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Artifex CBM® - Commission & Broker Management provides companies with a fast, simple way to manage all incentive-based compensation programs. In addition, CBM automates the entire commission process, including calculation and payment.

Artifex CBM® quickly pays for itself by increasing a company’s profitability with an intuitive tool to drive sales for specific items and customers. CBM offers virtually unlimited flexibility to design compensation programs for salespeople and brokers to maximize profits. Users setup commission rules to instruct the system to automatically monitor and process commission and broker fees. And commissions are calculated with just the push of a button.

Bottom line, Artifex CBM® automates the entire commission process, eliminating management expense and freeing companies to focus on selling.


• Save time by eliminating all manual commission processing.

• Paperless broker management.

• Easily create commission programs to maximize profits.

• Track commission liability & expense in a real-time.

• Forecast commission & fee expenses.

• Pay commissions automatically with no data re-entry.

• Provide your sales force with detailed commission reports.

• Reduce A/R by tying commissions directly to payments.

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start quoteCommissions, rebates and cooperative marketing earnings are only a few of the labels for the complex compensation structures that have been created, adjusted and added to over time. The Commission & Broker Management add-on from Artifex Partners has met all of the challenges!end quote

        - Terry Murphy, Gemko Information Group, Inc.
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