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FOR RESELLERS - Credit Card Management
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Artifex CCM® - Credit Card Management is a seamless credit card solution that was specifically designed for Microsoft® Dynamics – NAV. With CCM, users can assign one or more credit cards to a customer’s account and choose a different card for each sale. Credit card authorization can be requested at the time the sale is entered or at any other time during the sales process.

Alternatively, CCM allows users to automate the credit card process by setting rules when credit cards should be processed. For example, processing can be set to automatically take place the night before the shipment date. Any cards that are rejected are summarized in a log window waiting for users to review, and address, prior to shipment. The system can be configured to automatically preauthorize a credit card prior to shipment and capture the payment once the invoice is posted. The result is and optimal process flow where the credit card is charged at the time of shipment without users having to re-open each order to manually initiate the charge.

For transactions not tied directly to a sale, CCM provides a dedicated credit card management window. The window can be used for transactions like credits or other business transactions that are not reflected in Dynamics – NAV, eliminating the need for external processing software and equipment.

CCM also offers access to the lowest credit card processing rates. Other credit card solutions for Dynamics – NAV work through credit card ‘middlemen’ such as or ICVerify. These organizations don’t actually process credit cards themselves but instead forward the transactions to other companies to process. Nonetheless, these middlemen earn a fee for this step.

Contact your Microsoft Business Solutions – Dynamics – NAV partner for more information and to see a demonstration.


• Save money by working directly with a credit card processing company and not a credit card 'middleman.'

• Avoid financial liability with optional offsite storage of customer credi card information.

• Save time utilizing CCM's integrated, automated processing.

• Get a complete solution that does not require purchasing additional software or terminals

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